CIPP – Compact Image Processing Platform

The full source code can be found in my GitHub page:


  • parallel and distributed image processing
  • pluggable architecture, explicitly designed for developing algorithms
  • simple Design Space Exploration through parameter combinatorics.
  • contains example plugins for various consecrated image processing algorithms (more will be added)


  • Written in plain C# using Visual Studio 2010
  • .NET framework is kept to version 2.0 for compatibility with older operating systems and Visual Studio versions. It also encourages writing simple and portable code to other programming languages without abusing syntactic sugar provided by newer C# extensions
  • The front-end is implemented using Windows Forms


The purpose of the platform is to separate the boilerplate code needed to view, load, save images from the implementation of image processing algorithms. The execution of the algorithms is also managed independently of the implementation. This separation is done using interfaces and a pluggable architecture.


CIPP Screenshot


In the future, I will update this page with tutorial instructions on how to build plugins using this framework.


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