Welcome to my homepage!

My name is Alexandru Dorobanțiu – programmer and engineer with a PhD in Computer Science.

My areas of interest include artificial intelligence, with emphasis in topics like Universal Artificial Intelligence, time series prediction and Computer Vision. I also like programming in general, with emphasis on clean and readable code, code as documentation, speed optimizations, design patterns and high level programming. Last but not least, I like practicing sports like karate, dancing, hiking, football, volleyball, basketball, cycling (and many more).

The website is structured as following:

  • Students page – contains a list of materials that I prepared for my students.
  • Projects page – contains a list of projects I worked or I am working at, which also includes open source projects and/or tutorial materials.
  • About page – contains a more extensive list of details about myself and my interests
  • Contact page – a simple contact form for contacting me by email.